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From the Shore to the Slopes

From the Shore to the Slopes

We recently took the kids for their first ski outing. Despite a bumpy start, the day was a success. It certainly helped that it was 60 degrees out and that gone are the days of the T-Bar. Hello magic carpet! After the first run down the bunny slope, the 2.5 year old desperately wanted to head up the big mountain. 

The only bummer was that we didn't have The Breeze Bag with us. Who knew it'd be the ultimate ski bag too? Spent a ridiculous amount of time rummaging around to locate socks, sunglasses, water bottles, hats, ugh. Time to take The Breeze to the slopes!

Update: We took The Breeze Bag on it's first trail run. Hats, gloves & goggles in one section, ski pants in the middle and change of clothes in the other section. It was glorious!

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Packing's a Breeze

Packing's a Breeze
Photo Credit: Blip Photography

We've been doing a lot of field trips with The Breeze Bag to ensure everything is functioning as expected. You really need a full day at the beach to know for sure. Ha. Or a week in Bali... if only!

A typical beach outing with the kids involves the following, plus our favorite beach hats:

We easily packed all this with room to spare! Filled one pop section with dry coverups, the other with dry towels, and all the snacks, drinks and accessories tucked away in the middle. Dreamy. So easy to locate items. Plus the kids have the system down, proudly locating items on their own, and well aware that the orange is for dry stuff and blue is for wet. #momwin

I didn't quite get to read a magazine... but I'd rather be splashing in the waves anyways.

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#TOTESFAIL: Too Many Totes

The struggle is real - too many bags and never enough hands. It's one of the main reasons we created the Breeze Bag in the first place, so that the getting to the beach doesn't have to be such a mess.

With kids, getting to the beach in one trip is the goal, especially if you are solo parenting! Multiple trips means trekking back and forth carrying or dragging your kids both ways. So we added a few extra inches and elastic cargo straps so you can get it all there.



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