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Packing & Gift Guide: Girl's Trip Edition

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Wishing you a girl's trip in your future and if not, at least you can make a wish-list packed with must-haves for weekend getaways! And for weekend getaways, the Breeze Bag is the perfect company. Even fits in the overhead bin!

WHAT: Pact Breeze Cotton PJ Shorts

WHY: These are my favorite PJ shorts! Great prints. comfy and made of organic cotton so a little lighter on the planet. Also available in pants.

WHERE TO PACK: When packing clothes, I usually pop out one section of my Breeze Bag for shoes and toiletries. And leave the other section closed so I can fill the middle with clothing. That's where I'd pack these.

WHAT: Saie Makeup

WHY: They boast of some of the best beauty standards in the business. Made with your health and environmental health in mind. Plus their products deliver! Perfect for a night out on the town with the gals.

WHERE TO PACK: I keep these in a toiletry bag and toss in one of open pop-sections.

WHAT:  Carter + Jane Organic Aromas

WHY: The fragrance can be a little unexpected a first, but I am obsessed with these fragrances. So good and truly takes me away. Great for vacations of any destination - whether a spa is involved or not. Beach house is my favorite, but have yet to try them all.

WHERE TO PACK: Toss in your toiletry back and stow in one of the pop sections.

WHAT: Maaji Swimwear

WHY: I love their prints so much and you can opt for minimal or max coverage with their sexy suits. I've just can't resist and invest in a new one every year. Pro-tip: the reversible ones do take much longer to dry, so if packing these ones be sure to bring a couple extra suits.

WHERE TO PACK: Toss in the middle section along with your clothes. If still damp upon you return, you can pack in one of the water-proof pop-sections.

WHAT: Farm Rio Dress

WHY: You've got to have a great dress for a girls weekend. I've got a couple of dresses in my closet just waiting to get out courtesy of Farm Rio. Fun, festive, one-of-a-kind prints and unique styles, make for a party in the making.

WHERE TO PACK: Fold up and stash in the middle section along with the rest of your clothes.


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