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Our Story

Photo Credit: Blip Photography

I grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine and have been chasing waves ever since. It's a love I now share with my two little girls.

Of course, that means getting to the beach involves a wee bit more than sunscreen and a towel... And I found myself in a constant state of frustration. Struggling to carry multiple bags and the kids; always forgetting my reusable grocery bag for wet stuff; fumbling to find anything in my black hole of a bag and consistently misplacing my keys. Oh and not to forget the water bottles rolling over and leaking on our snacks. Basically, beach and pool outings were chaotic. So I set out to find a better beach bag. But I came up empty.

With necessity being the mother of invention and descending from a family of makers, crafters, and DIYers, there was only one option – make it myself. And thanks to a talented, creative and innovative team of fellow beach lovers, surfers, and sailors, together, we created the ultimate beach bag.

A bag that's easy to carry. A bag that makes getting to the beach – and back – with your kids and your gear less of a hassle. A bag that's super organized with a place for everything, even your wet stuff. A bag that means less fumbling, more fun. I am so excited to share the Breeze Bag with you. It's a dream and I can't wait to help you beach, pool, and play easy!

~ Rebecca Sama, Breeze Bag Founder