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And here's a closer look at all of the features you get with your Breeze Bag, starting with the big three - Cargo Straps, Backpack Straps and Pop-Sections:

CARGO STRAPS - located on the front of the bag, the cargo straps are designed to hold all that extra stuff. They can be used in three different configurations, so you can choose your own adventure. Keep them straight and gently pull out the elastic and slide in towels, yoga, mats etc. Or un-clip and criss-cross for a snugger fit. Or clip into the ring under the handle and loop in a bucket, a beach umbrella, a beach chair, swimmies, etc. It's also the perfect spot for wet towels at the end of the day.


BACKPACK STRAPS - when you've got a fully loaded tote, a trek to your destination, or hands to hold and kids to carry, nothing beats a backpack. Simply slide out the backpack straps and you are good to go. The straps are adjustable for just the right fit. And if you were wondering what those little metal balls were on the straps — those are the stops that keep the backpack straps from pulling all the way through to one side.


POP-SECTIONS - located inside at each end of your bag are the pop-sections. Simply slide your hand between the wall of the pop section and the bag and push out. Bravo, you just added a section to your bag! Pop out the other and now you've got another section. Great for keeping items organized — designate a section for food, one for towels, one for dry clothes etc. — and also for keeping your wet stuff separate from your dry stuff.



Now comes all the organization.

On the outside, there is a quick-access pocket for the things you access frequently, like sunscreen, sunglasses, or pool keys.

Inside, are two mesh zipped pockets so you can easily see and access what's inside. The top-zip pocket is great for sunglasses, sunscreen, and smaller items that you don't want lost in the shuffle. The lower pocket is a little, out-of-the-way, hidden pocket of sorts, and it's the perfect spot for wallets and cell phones and any other items you want tucked away. Inside the orange pop-section, you'll also find the must-have key leash.


Behind these two pockets is a padded media pocket to protect magazines, tablets, books, and the like.

Inside, you'll also find three insulated drink cozies to help keep beverages cool and within reach. Fits most water bottles, wine bottles, and even perfectly fits a six pack of cans. Cheers!


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