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When will the Breeze Bag be in stock?

The first batch of Breeze Bags is expected to ship July of 2019. We will keep buyers updated along the way.

Where are the bags made?

We are working with an incredible factory in Dongguan, China, who were able to unravel and execute this rather complex design.

How do I clean it?

Spot clean and air dry and air dry only. See Care instructions for more information.

Is the Breeze Bag waterproof?

The outer canvas is water resistant, not waterproof, so it can stand up to some splashing and a light rain. The interior lining is waterproof but the zipper and a few of the inside seams are not fully waterproof. So the bag can handle your wet gear and a little spillage, but we don't recommend filling it up with water or ice.

What are those "metal ball things" on the straps?

They are stoppers to prevent the straps from sliding all the way through when you pull the back pack straps out. Otherwise, you'd have a messenger bag instead of a backpack.

Is the Breeze Bag available in other sizes?

Currently, the Breeze Bag is only available in one size, but we hope to offer additional sizes soon! Stay tuned!

Why ship plastic-free?

We believe that the actions we take matter. The choices we make matter. And every little thing we do can make a difference. For us, shipping without plastic is one small step we can make to protect our environment. Our oceans and marine animals are drowning in plastics, most of which is single-use. We want to change that cycle by using less plastic ourselves and by helping to raise awareness about packaging waste. Thank you for being part of the change!