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Packing & Gift Guide: Beach Trip

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Tis' the season for gift giving and beach vacations.  So thought it would be fun to roll that into one with a combo gift guide and packing guide. I often get asked on how best to pack up the Breeze Bag you'd be amazed about how much it holds!! So here's a round up of how I pack up my bag for a day at the beach with the kids, with the added bonus that all of these items would make gifts for those on your list dreaming of a beach getaway. Happy holidays!!

First off, here's a guide to all the features, pockets and more for reference:

anatomy of a Breeze Bag


Local Beach Visor

WHAT: Local Beach Visors - $36 at Local Beach

WHY: Available in adult and kid sizes - my youngest stole mine and the one I got for my mom  don't think we'll even be getting those back! It's got a nice wide brim to keep the sun off your face and an elastic band for a snug fit. Also, always love supporting a fellow woman-owned small business!

WHERE TO PACK IT: If not on your head, clip it into the cargo straps so it doesn't get squashed or blow away.

WHAT: Turkish-T Towels - $24-$36 at

WHY: Obsessed with these towels for many reasons. No, they don't give you that plush dry feeling when you get out of the water, but, if you are like us and a day at the beach has you in and out of the water several times this is your towel because they actually dry in between swim sessions. Just lay out on the rocks or hang on your beach tent or chair and they'll dry in no time.

WHERE TO PACK IT: Since these towels pack up nice and small, you can fit five plus a matching beach blanket in the dry pop-section. It's amazing really. If they are still wet upon your return, roll them up and toss in the wet section or just strap them on the outside of the bag with the cargo straps.


WHAT: Babiators - $24-$36 at Amazon

WHY: My kids wore these from age one and are still wearing them at age 6. They are comfortable, stylish, available in polarized and best of all my kids will actually wear them! So that's a huge win. Bonus, Babiators will replace damaged or lost glasses for free!

WHERE TO PACK IT: I keep these in the case in the upper inner zip pocket to extend the wear and keep it packed with the glass cloth so when they are inevitably covered in sunscreen I can wipe them clean.

Mott50 Swimwear

WHAT: Mott50 Swimsuits at

WHY: Available in kids and adult sizes for your family matching dream come true! Love the prints and the full sleeve/legging options which makes for less chemicals on your bodies and less time applying sunscreen so you can spend more time beaching!

WHERE TO PACK IT: Well, likely you'll be wearing yours, but if your kids are extra like mine, they bring a change of clothes so they don't have to ride home in wet sandy suits.... it does actually make sense. So, we stash the wet sandy suits in the "wet" pop section for the return trip. Keeps everything else nice and dry!


WHAT: Welly First Aid Kit - $15 - 26 at Amazon

WHY: I always keep a first aid kit in my beach bag just in case of emergencies and so minor ouchies don't bring an abrupt end to our beach day. It has come in quite handy on many occasions.

WHERE TO PACK IT: This gets stashed in the lower zip pocket in hopes it doesn't get used!


Sun Bum Sunscreen

WHAT: Sun Bum Sunscreen - $15 - $30 at Amazon

WHY: Through the years, I've tried and loved many sunscreens  Blue Lizard, Goddess Garden and ThinkSport to name a few but Sun Bum is the current favorite and not just because of that delicious coconut smell! It also goes on easy (the kids love the Sun Bum face stick - goes on easy and they can do it themselves!), is highly rated by EWG which means fewer and safer chemicals on our bodies and is "reef compliant" so safer for marine animals and environments. Win-win-win-win!

WHERE TO PACK IT: I keep this in the outer pocket or the upper inside zip pocket, just so it's easy to get to when it's time to re-apply.

Water bottles in the drink cozies

WHAT: Klean Kanteen Insulated Water Bottles - $15 - $30 at Amazon

WHY: I have been using Klean Kanteen's insulated water bottles for over ten years in some cases the same bottle! Love the colors and it really does keep drinks cool so I've still got ice in my water bottle at the end of the day. I have a set for the kids, but they prefer the flip-tip insulated Thermos.

WHERE TO PACK IT: Most standard-size insulated water bottles (Yeti, Hydroflask, Corkcicle) fit perfectly) in the inner drink slots. Keeps them cooler and within hands reach so you don't have to dig around in the bottom of your bag!

WHAT: Thermos Funtainer Insulated Water Bottles - $20 at Amazon

WHY: And for the kids, they've been loving these insulated water bottles. Keeps drinks nice and cold, they love the press button flip top and I love it too because it keeps the spout clean. Available in multiple sizes with a straw and without.

WHERE TO PACK IT: Fits snugly in the drink cozies which conveniently also makes it easy for the kids to find when in need of a drink. Win!


WHAT: A Good Beach Read, of course!

WHY: And what's a day at the beach without a good beach read? This means many different things for many different people. For my husband, it's Grant's Interest Rate observer; for the kids, Narwhal & Jelly, and for me, Dwell Magazine.

WHERE TO PACK IT: Whatever your pleasure, keep it tucked away safely dry and wrinkle-free in the inner padded media pocket, and read on!

Happy holiday shopping and beach going!!

*These are all products that I love and use (and would happily be gifted - ha). That said, some of the links are affiliate links and I may earn money through purchases. Just want to be 100% transparent!

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