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Production Update - All the Little Details

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Production Update - All the Little Details

We have been putting the latest Breeze Bag prototype to the test with field trips all over New England. And it has been a dream taking it out into the wild. Aside from the pure satisfaction of popping out the wet section after an unexpected dip in Walden Pond, or loading it up with literally everything needed for a beach run with two hands free for the kids, it's been the best way to learn what is working and what needs tweaking.

Fortunately, more is working than not. And other than a few minor changes - shortening the key leash, swapping out the clip hardware, removing the hard bottom, reinforcing the water bottle sleeve, adding a zipper tab - we are really close to the finish line.

One of the biggest challenges was sourcing a grommet that wouldn't fray the backpack straps. In the end, we designed our own. We tested out a few options from injection molded plastic to stamped metal and ultimately went with a custom die-cast stainless steel grommet. It's so perfect. Kudos to Lukas!

Now we are packing up for what will, hopefully, be our last trip to China pre-production. Visiting the factory in person is an amazing opportunity to discuss all the many little details, finalize materials and fully collaborate to ensure that we are creating the best possible product. Plus, it gives us a chance to really get to know the people we are working with.

If all goes as planned, we'll be right on schedule to ship this Spring!

We cannot wait to deliver!

The Breeze Bag Team

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